Industrial climbing services

In the places with difficult access, where you can’t use conventional methods, we offer rope access services for industrial companies and marine industry. Industrial climbing services allows to save time and reduce costs associated with making scaffolding, hoist or crane hire.

Rope access technicians hardly disturb the normal production process, and their way of working is a fast, reliable, efficient and affordable.

Using rope access method, we work in the field:

Services dedicated for industrial companies:

  • assembly, disassembly, repair, maintenance, repairs in places with difficult access in buildings, industrial buildings, towers, roofs, antennas, cleaning and washing of facades, roofs, steel structures, areas with difficult access, heat exchangers, furnaces, silos, chimneys, technological lines;
  • abrasive blasting, painting, Corrosion (steel and concrete), gantry cranes, silos and tanks, chimneys, bridges and footbridges;
  • technical inspections;

Services dedicated for maritime industry:

  • assembly, disassembly, repair, maintenance, repairs oil-rigs, ships and wind energy systems;
  • cleaning and washing windows and other glazing for passenger ferries, construction, ventilation shafts, and chutes and places inaccessible to ships, oil rigs and wind energy systems;
  • High pressure cleaning and abrasive blasting, painting, hand and machine, corrosion of hard to reach places, the hull, tanks;
  • and any other work of difficult access.